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The Course: February 29th – March 1st 2016

Manchester Neck Ultrasound Course Hosted By The Manchester Head & Neck Centre

Monday 29th February & Tuesday 1st March 2016 

Course Aims:

This course aims to teach neck ultrasonography and u/s guided FNAC to ENT/Head and Neck Surgeons, radiologists and sonographers. It was first held successfully in February 2016. The emphasis is on hands-on workshops with close supervision by the faculty (1 machine per 2-3 delegates). This is supported by lectures and live demonstrations. By the end of the course, delegates should have a good grounding in neck ultrasonography and be able to perform systematic and thorough examination of the thyroid, salivary glands and all areas of the neck, as well as u/s-FNAC. These techniques are put into clinical context and the delegates should understand exactly how the ultrasound imaging and interpretation, as well as FNAC when appropriate, fit into clinical decision making.

The Manchester Head & Neck Centre are ENT-UK approved and have been credited with 12 CPD Points. Following the success of this course, we are also BMUS approved having been rewarded with 10 CPD points.


Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club

Worsley Park


M28 2QT

Further Information: 

Louise Jagger

PA to Prof Jarrod Homer

T: (+44) (0)1565 872543

E: [email protected]






Principles of ultrasound

Ultrasound machines

Ultrasound- correlation of images with tissue/lump characteristics

Anatomy of neck with ultrasound correlation

Thyroid disease

Thyroid ultrasonography

Thyroid cytopathology

Workshop- thyroid ultrasonography

Salivary gland disease

Salivary gland ultrasonography

Salivary gland cytopathology

Workshop- Salivary gland ultrasonography

Course Dinner


Ultrasound guided Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

Workshop- Ultrasound guided Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

Cervical lymph nodes- nodal levels and disease pathologies

Workshop- lymph nodes

Other neck lumps and disease detectable with ultrasound

(to include branchial cysts, cysts in general, floor of mouth)

Putting it all together- a systematic approach to neck and thyroid ultrasound

The neck/thyroid lump clinic

Workshop- systematic approach to neck and thyroid ultrasound, consolidation and self-
assessment quiz

MDT discussion of example cases

Going forward: training and accreditation in neck ultrasound


ENT Surgeons

Professor Jarrod J Homer

Miss Susi Penney

Mr Sean Loughran

Ms Tracey Ellis


Dr Owen Thomas

Mr Gerry Johnson

Dr Damian Mullan

Dr Sachin Mathur

Dr Sunethra Ghattameneri

Dr Hiliary Wood

Dr Niranjan Desai

Cytopathologists / Histopathologists

Dr Durgesh Rana

Dr Sakinah Thiryayi




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